Review: Feral

Feral. Pic: Comp
Feral. Pic: Comp
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JOE and Dawn are brother and sister and live together with their disinterested mother in a little house in a seaside town.

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One day, to Joe’s infinite excitement, it’s announced that a Supercade is opening. Joe’s head fills with images of superheroes and he counts down the days eagerly. But when it finally opens, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Feral is a cautionary tale about urbanisation from local Edinburgh company Tortois in a Nutshell. But the charm of this production comes less from the poignant story than its delivery.

From the opening moments when an illustrator draws Joe and Dawn on a piece of blank paper to the piecing together of the 3D town complete with fairy-lit seaside pier, this is a delightful production.

The attention to detail is magical. The lady whose hairstyle goes wrong and the squirrel are personal favourites but you’ll have yours. And the charm of life before the Supercade’s arrival only makes subsequent events more heart-rending.

Despite extensive use of puppets, this isn’t a play for kids. Producers recommend the show for teenagers aged 14 and up. It sold out last year at the Fringe and has a limited run this time around so get in quick for your tickets.

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