Review: Freedom Family Circus, Gryphon Venues @ Point Hotel, Bread Street

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CIRCUS is a word that conjures up all sorts of visual images, but most people would probably agree that they would expect a variety of acts. This is not the case with Freedom Family Circus.


For the majority of the hour, we watch people juggle. Act 1: Animal impressions whilst juggling. Act 2: Reciting Willing Blake’s The Tyger whilst juggling. Act 3: A balloonist, who one-handed twisted one balloon into a dog. Act 4: More juggling by the best juggler on the team – he only dropped one or two balls. Act 5: The Duke of Disgusting performed a party trick involving an elastic band up the nose . . . then more juggling

The monotonous MC also tried to convince us all to go and look at the copy of the American Declaration of Independence because there is one in Edinburgh.

Completely disjointed, the overall effect was that of a group of street performers who had decided to get together and call themselves a circus.

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