Review: Gagging For It

Gagging For It. Pic: Comp
Gagging For It. Pic: Comp
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A SHOW at the Fringe about comedians hanging out backstage at the Fringe. If you have ever spent time with comedians, this show will stand out as being an honest look at what goes on behind the scenes.

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Each character is engaging, and portrays a specific type of comedian – from the young and eager rising star to the relaxed veteran.

The space is fantastic – it is a small bar, and serves as a great setting for the show, which starts without warning. The action and relationships draw you in from the start, and the references to places around the festival make the audience feel in on the joke from the beginning.

Full of silliness and twists and turns, it is a fun and entertaining hour, and the audience left smiling and wanting to see more from all the performers.

If you love the comedy at the Fringe, and want to take a look at what happens behind closed door, this is well worth the look.

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