Review: Gob Shop, Sapphire Rooms, Lothian Road

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YOU might think that going to a strip club at four in the afternoon on a sunny day couldn’t be made any more depressing, but Gob Shop manages it.


Taking place in the Sapphire Rooms strip bar, this wants to be about the different roles people play when strutting across the three-metre stage. Instead, it’s a mess of unstructured and barely thought out vignettes that audiences shuffle between with increasing dismay.

There are fleeting glimpses of potential. The club is an intriguing space to explore. Talks from Liina, a working stripper, hint at being interesting, although the inexperienced public speaker is simply handed a microphone and left to twist.

Having the audience queue on Lothian Road is a neat gag, but Gob Shop can hit some stunning lows. One actor hands out adverts for her cheerleading academy during her monologue. Another gets gas from downing glasses of cider during an ill-conceived improvisation game.

Gob Shop is far more degrading than anything that happens in the club at night. Whatever you think of stripping, at least someone wants to see it.

• Until August 26