Review: Heaven’s Gate, theSpace On The Mile, High Street

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JUST try to picture the scene. Three people are standing outside a French café, waiting to get in and be seated.

The waiter, however, won’t let any of them in until they are “ready”.


Turns out, they were all aboard the Titanic – and this isn’t quite the café they think it is.

An excellent concept, Heaven’s Gate gives the audience (who also happen to be aboard the doomed ship, and who are furnished with a little biography about their identities) the chance to decide the fate of said passengers.

Running at 50 minutes, with a longer running time this could evolve into something a bit more interactive – if the audience were allowed to debate the issue. They are the jury after all.

A tighter, more focused script, however, would mean the flashbacks hit the mark they should. Yet the actors – there’s clearly a family connection between them – have an obvious passion and belief in what they are doing.

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