Review: James Acaster: Propmpt, Pleasance Courtyard

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AS one of the rising stars of the stand-up scene, James Acaster is hotly tipped as a name to watch from the seemingly never-
ending supply of young male stand-ups.


Previous Fringes have seen him perform with the likes of Josh Widdicombe and Nick Helm, and his first solo show in 2011 received rave 

It is easy to see what sets Acaster apart from his peers, as his slightly awkward, gawky frame belies a considerable stage presence and there’s confidence in his deliberate 

He mixes whimsical wordplay with slow-burning storytelling, happy to stretch routines way beyond breaking point – like Stewart Lee without the bile.

His relaxed charming style is perhaps not destined to sell out arena tours just yet, but there is genuine craft and ingenuity in his routine, which takes us through a diverse range of topics such as the various trials and tribulations of a lads night out, his love of bread and ducks.

A sharp comic mind, allied to astute observational comedy, and with the confidence to draw every laugh out of any situation, James Acaster clearly has the potential to be a cut above the rest.

• Until August 26