Review: Jocky Wilson Said

Jocky Wilson Said, Rose Street Theatre
Jocky Wilson Said, Rose Street Theatre
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PORTRAYING darts legend Jocky Wilson on stage is not exactly the most glamorous role at this year’s festival. The heavy drinking, heavy smoking and heavy laden Jocky was no oil painting.

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Gilded Balloon Rose Theatre, Rose Street

But somehow, actor Grant O’Rourke manages to carry off his role with style.

The hair, the paunch, the snatched throwing action and the Fife accent are all there, but he has also mastered the jut of the jaw and the slight lisp.

Only extraction of his teeth – Jocky had lost the lot by 28 - could have enhanced the resemblance.

Jocky Wilson Said is funny, but it’s also poignant.

The unlikely hero was a troubled soul, and his withdrawal from public life and early death are well documented, but this one-man show explores the lesser-known aspects of his upbringing, again with impressive accuracy, as he tries to hitch a lift across the Nevada desert.

If there is a weakness, it is the fact that Jocky was a man of very few words. But to stay faithful to that aspect of his character wouldn’t have left writers Jane Livinsgtone and Jonathan Cairney with much of a script.

For those with just a passing interest in Jocky Wilson, this show checks out; and for anyone who was around when the real-life story unfolded, it hits the bullseye.

Until 24 August