Review: Lady Boys of Bangkok, Meadows Big Top

The Lady Boys of Bangkok. Picture: Rob McDougall
The Lady Boys of Bangkok. Picture: Rob McDougall
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EDINBURGH loves the Lady Boys. And judging by the rousing Scottish finale at The Meadows Big Top, the Lady Boys love us back.

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A festival fixture for more than a decade, the troupe of 20 Thai trannies and a gentleman of diminutive stature are back for more mesmerising dance numbers and saucy comic musical sketches.

Performing to a series of classic mash-up sound tracks, including the BeeGees, Frank Sinatra and Girls Aloud, the cast certainly have better miming skills than some of their A-list counterparts, and figures.

But then, that’s the gimmick that draws in everyone from office parties to hen-dos, to see those beautiful Thai boys and their bikini-clad bodies.

It’s an invitation to come and stare, a modern day freak show where the ‘freaks’ are very attractive. Actually, there are moments in the first act where you begin to wonder if perhaps all they have done, inside the circus tent the crew inhabit, is switch animals for people.

Unpleasant thoughts intrude about how hard it must be to exist on the fringes of society when you earn your living shaking a jewel encrusted tail feather to a Beyonce hit.

Then the second act arrives and the tables of, by now, well-oiled, punters desperate to party, go mad as the on-stage temperature rises and a raucous party ensues.

Perhaps it all just boils down to getting down to some great music and hanging out with pretty people in their pants.

Until 25 August