Review: Les Miserables

Les Miserables. Pic: ''' Neil Hanna
Les Miserables. Pic: ''' Neil Hanna
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NO one on the Fringe can match the Forth Children’s Theatre in terms of sheer energy and commitment to a production.

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Year after year, they choose to stage yet another large musical that has challenged the best that Broadway and the West End have to offer, let alone a group of young teens. And they pull it off, spectacularly.

This year they endured a burglary midway through their run, and the only consequence to the audience was a 10 minute delay - an example for companies who’ve pulled shows at the last minute for far less.

Craig Robertson and Mike Clarkson’s set, the audience sitting along the kerb of a cobbled French street, bedecked with flags and lanterns was inspired. Director Claire Stewart’s use of a transverse stage to set the drama amid the audience worked well for the large musical numbers, although some of the solos were a tad lost and punches were pulled during the more dramatic scenes that could have been more graphic, even for a children’s production. Alex Bathe’s Javert was pleasingly emotive and conflicted while 15-year-old Guss Harrower’s Valjean shows lots of promise for the future.

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