Review: Lippy

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READ my lips: every August there’s a Fringe show that gets people talking. You know, one of those ‘Marmite’ productions: one you either think is pure genius or pretentious drivel. Well, Lippy is precisely that.

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Within the pre-show blurb, we’re told this is about four Irish women who starved themselves to death in their Leixlip house for no apparent reason.

The writer, though, doesn’t try to make any sense of it all, nor come up with an imagined response to their demise. He simply invites us to experience the ‘meaninglessness’ of it all. Sounds like fun, eh?

It begins with a ‘post-show’ Q&A with a lip-reader who tried to work out (via CCTV) what two of the tragic women were saying to each other during a rare trip to the supermarket. What follows can only be described as abstract, self-indulgent, installation-style theatre.

Go into it looking for answers and you’re bound to be disappointed (you’ll find more clues researching the sad story online). Go in expecting a highly visual, sensory feast, however, and you’ll probably enjoy it more. Indeed, some will give the show a standing ovation, while others will just roll their eyes. I rolled my eyes.

Until 24 August