Review: Military Tattoo, Edinburgh Castle

OzScot Australia show off their moves
OzScot Australia show off their moves
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There are some assumptions made about the Tattoo – namely that it’s pure pomp and ceremony.


While it’s true that a large proportion of the cast is from the Armed Forces, the event still manages to catch you off guard occasionally.

The opening to this year’s show is as Scottish as a tin of shortbread soaked in whisky, wrapped in tartan and dumped on a doorstep in Brigadoon, but the rest is an international extravaganza with a heavy dash of Diamond Jubilee celebration.

It boasts several “super” surprises, an “electric” Swiss percussion band and a hard-rocking King’s guard.

Torgeir Fjelldahl, of His Majesty The King of Norway’s Guards Band pulls a musical shocker, comparable to Danny Boyle’s 007 sketch.

The entire evening is wonderfully rounded off by the talented lone piper Staff Sergeant David McKenzie of the Royal Corp of Signals.