Review: Paras Over The Barras

Paras Over The Barras. Pic: Comp
Paras Over The Barras. Pic: Comp
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PARAS Over The Barras is a genuinely heartwarming, beautifully written tribute to war time Glasgow and Leitheatre do it proud.

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Written by former Daily Record Features Editor James Barclay, the action takes place predominantly in Annie’s front room, and revolves around the dramas that befall her family and neighbours.

Essentially a sketch show, stitched together with a loose plot about the disastrous catering for engagement party, the joy of the show lies in Barclay’s fantastic ear for patter.

Director Don Arnott does a good job of maintaining momentum with simple scene changes and keeps his focus squarely on script delivery and comic timing.

The scenes involving the undertaker and a coffin at the bottom of a stair illustrate well how scenes can shift simply and quickly to support the story while the pace of the show remains uninterrupted.

Leading the production as siblings Willie and Annie, Billy Renfrew and Fiona Robertson capture perfectly the attitude and language of the time, the gags coming thick and fast.

Clem Allan’s well observed spiv Finger McGeachie arguably steals the show, but he’s given a strong run for his money by the nostalgic 40s soundtrack, an urn of ashes and a pig in a blanket.

Until Saturday