Review: Puellae, Summerhall, Summerhall

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THE people we are when we are young changes significantly throughout our lives. As we get jobs, go to university, move away or travel, we meet many new people and our teenage BFFs lose the “best” and “forever”, 
becoming just friends in either a past or present tense.


FraeNaewhere’s dark comedy explores the tensions of friendship. It asks: can friendships survive the onslaught of social conditioning we are subject to as we are moulded into who we are? Tess, played by River City’s Nalini Chetty, and Neve (Samara MacLaren) meet in an Edinburgh restaurant for their annual get-together. As secrets are revealed over some wine, their friendship is tested and both consider how much greener the grass really is on the other side.

Performances are energetic while maintaining a measured pace. The real achievement of the piece is the creation of two very different and very likeable characters that are easy to relate to and engage with.

n Until August 26