Review: Re-Animator The Musical, Assembly, George Square

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HORROR cinema meets musical camp in Re-Animator The Musical, the stage version of the cult movie.


Directed by Stuart Gordon, who directed the original 1985 film, this multi-award-winning musical is a magical piece of theatre that makes the goriest of stories fun.

Closely following the plot of Gordon’s Re-Animator, where the obsessive Dr West (Graham Skipper) creates a serum that brings the recently deceased back to life, only to have it threatened by his 
adversary, Dr Hill (Jesse Merlin) who has much darker plans for the serum.

Starring the original cast, including Cheers’ George Wendt as the Dean, Re-Animator The Musical is a fast-paced and riotous fusion of horror and comedy.

Part comedy, part tragedy, a lot of depravity and as bloody as Hallowe’en, this high-energy piece is overflowing with laughs; a musical unlike any other. Funny, witty and simply unforgettable

Until August 27