Review: Relatively Speaking

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THERE really are rather a lot of well written comic plays about the romantic folly of middle-aged, middle-class men of European origin who are bored with their wives and taken with a comely young lass who is herself in love with a handsome young man with prospects.

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Alan Ayckbourn’s Relatively Speaking is no different, although there is a delicious twist at the end that will entertain the wives of middle-aged men with a wandering eye no end.

The Edinburgh Makars do a serviceable job of bringing the play to life, there’s a great deal of confidence from the cast and the final act raised a great many laughs from the audience.

Director Jo Barrow cannily gives her actors lots of things to do while on stage that really pushes the momentum forward and allows the audience to invest in the characters as three dimensional entities.

The introduction of the couples is a tad sharp, although by the finale, one can’t help but warm to their charms. Dario Dalla Costa’s homely optimist Greg gives the production it’s heart while Derek Melon, as Philip, and Becky Dunn, as Ginny, provide the core of the drama. Anne Trotter’s batty, cheerful Sheila is a revelation in the production’s final scene.

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