Review: The Beast, Underbelly, Cowgate

Stuart Bowden's show, The Beast.
Stuart Bowden's show, The Beast.
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STUART BOWDEN’S one-man show makes one hour of your life feel like ten. Likeable (at first), his manner is evidently nervous, yet you can’t help but want him to do well.


There’s not much in the way of a stage-set – just a stool, a microphone and his trusty “loop” effects pedal for company. And his story, if you can call it a story, is basically a loose tale about a Beast seeking love, friendship and acceptance.

He dances and rolls around on the floor. He smirks and chuckles happily at his own jokes even though the enthusiasm of the audience quickly wanes. Soon, he loses his way and ends up adding unplanned sections.

More time is wasted when he has to stop, to fix his broken loop pedal.

Going between song and storytelling, Bowden’s show is confused, lengthy and at times, cringe-worthy. Like having toothache, you can’t wait for it to be over.

Until August 26