Review: The Dogs of War

The Dogs of War. Pic: Comp
The Dogs of War. Pic: Comp
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A SHOW that takes the often cut scenes from Shakespeare’s War of the Roses plays, and uses them to look at the impact war can have on children, citizens, women and foot soldiers.

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Breaking the fourth wall from the start, you walk in on the company warming up on stage. Most actors play a variety of characters, and make all their costume changes on stage in full view of the audience.

This type of adaptation could be very exciting, but unfortunately it fails to truly engage the audience.

Many deliver the Shakespeare in an almost monotone pitch, which means the sound washes over you rather than engaging attention. Standout performances from Jesse Jensen, Amanda Vitiello, and Leticia Duarte are not enough to carry the piece for the full one and a half hours. The production itself is also sloppy in parts, particularly the use of the camcorder – these devices can be effective, but in this instance misses the mark.

Overall, The Dogs Of War isn’t as slick as it needs to be in order to really work.

As a lover of Shakespeare, the show was interesting in parts, but in general it doesn’t deliver.

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