Review: The Gospel Inquiry

The Gospel Inquiry
The Gospel Inquiry
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THE present day. Four of Jesus Christ’s disciples (in this case, journalists) have been summoned to a Select Committee hearing to establish whether their press coverage of Christ’s life contributed to his death.

* * * *

Assembly Rooms, George Street

One by one, Matthew (a former tax-collector with the soul of an accountant), Mark (a camp drama Queen), Luke (a jobbing hack), and John (an air-punching socialist advocating an independent Judeau) take to the witness box.

Miracles? A ‘charm offensive’. Jesus’s grandstanding? Mere ‘showbiz’. The Gospels’ text? Admittedly ‘sexed up’ a bit.

A fine satirical analysis of today’s media-public relationship, this cute twist on the Bible’s Synoptic Gospels is well worth studying.

Tightly written and well cast (three actors perform multiple roles), things take a further twist when the Messiah Himself (sporting a hoodie and a Scottish accent) makes an unscheduled return to the dock, visibly unhappy about what people have done in His name.

Testify now, or face the Rapture.

Until Sunday 16 August