Review: The Hollywood 10

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THE Hollywood 10 is a piece of new writing that explores the persecution of many Hollywood screenwriters, actors, directors and producers by the House of Un-American Activities Committee in the 1947.

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The script seamlessly integrates Dalton Trumbo’s own words with newly-written dialogue.

The company is comprised of A Level students who have clearly done their research. After what seemed like a nervous start, they found their rhythm, and created some very natural and magical moments. Their American accents were solid, with only the occasional hiccup at the beginning.

The sound design was fantastic. Use of recordings of the trial helped spark different moments in the play. The use of period music and costume to set the scene was simple and effective.

The final sequence was very effective and powerful, and saw a mixture of precise movement and a speech of Trumbo’s shared between the actors truly drive the message of the play home.

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