Review: The Lift

The Lift Pic: Comp
The Lift Pic: Comp
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BEING stuck in a lift is actually quite a serene experience, and certainly far preferable to being stuck in a small theatre with a group of characters as plainly irritating as the ones stuck in The Lift.

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Much of newcomer Fergus Deery’s script is focused on juxtaposing jarring characters for the sake of comic argument, to challenge their preconceptions and ours.

The jokes, however, are hit and miss, raising a laugh one minute and leaving an uncomfortable silence in their wake the next.

There’s an interesting subtext running through the narrative about our reliance on third world labour while we first worlders engage in neurotic, self-involved folly. Unfortunately it gets lost under an avalanche of unedited bickering between characters. Deery needs to tone down his loud, brash stereotypes and leave space in the script for his actors to tell more of the story with pathos and body language.

Director Hunter Weinsheink could aid this with a little more emphasis on pacing and physical comedy. For a group of people stuck in a lift for an hour, the characters don’t move around as much as they could. Teamed with a verbose script that doesn’t seem to have a point, it makes for tiring viewing at the 30- minute mark. There’s great potential here but Deery needs to remember that silence can often speak far louder than words on a stage.

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