Review: The Night Bus

The Night Bus with Linda Marlowe and Sarah-Louise Young Pic: Comp
The Night Bus with Linda Marlowe and Sarah-Louise Young Pic: Comp
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THERE’S after dark, and there’s after, after dark – and that, dear passengers, is the realm of the night bus. Anything can happen and everything does happen in this cleverly imagined, skillfully realised play from Linda Marlowe and Sarah-Louise Young.

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Expectant mums, junkies, teenage sex pests, transvestites, and abandoned wives all ride the night bus. Moving with lightning speed, adopting a range of accents and ages, and making clever use of just a few well chosen props, these two talented actresses spin through a high energy hour of theatre that’s by turns harrowing and hilarious.

All the world’s on this stage, from the thief who’s angry that the handbags he steals contain the same damn books, to the immigrant bus driver who pretends she helms a sanctuary to hide the fact that she believes it an asylum – and her fear that she herself is going mad. Meet the brace of pregnant women fighting ever so politely – and then oh so savagely – over the last seat, and a lady whose cut-glass accent rivals Celia Johnson’s, recalling a blissful date with that special boy, which spirals into a memory of rape.

Kudos to a script that revels in the magic and possibilities of language, and to a team of beautifully matched actresses whose energy and versatility seemingly knows no bounds. Thanks to them, your heart will race as this bus picks up speed.

Until 25 August