Review: The Silk Road

Silk Road. Pic: Comp
Silk Road. Pic: Comp
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DESCRIBED as the Ebay for drugs, Silk Road was the notorious market place for the buying and selling of legal and illegal items. Using Bitcoin as its main source of currency, Silk Road shook the war on drugs.


Inspired by interviews and research into the real online drug industry, playwright, Alex Oates, creates a fictionalised account of the freedom and dangers that comes with the territory illegal dealings on the internet.

While all his friends are off to university, 19 year old Bruce sits in his nan’s house finding a way to make a name for himself. Discovering how easy it is to buy narcotics online, and with his nan’s knitting talents, his life soon changes.

Coincidentally funded by Bitcoin, Oates’ script is an interesting look into how the buying and selling of narcotics was carried out on the site. However, the story of an average teen becoming a unlikely drug dealer fails to jump off the pages.

James Baxter as Bruce does do a good job at bringing this piece to life. Whether it be his charismatic charm or his ability to jump between characters at a flick of a switch, he’s a treat to watch.

Until 25 August