Review: The Titanic Orchestra

John Hannah in The Titanic Orchestra
John Hannah in The Titanic Orchestra
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IF you don’t completely understand what The Titanic Orchestra is about, you’re not alone.

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Pleasance Courtyard

An esoteric play by Hristo Boytchev, it concerns a bunch of drunks waiting at a ghostly station in the vain hope that a train will eventually stop and help them escape, if anything, each other. Sound simple enough to you? Well, just wait.

Enter John Hannah, a Harry Houdini type (also a drunk), who shows up offering words of eternal cosmic wisdom and some really lame, learn-in-an-afternoon magic illusions. Is he God? A Devil? A Guide to lead our doomed characters out of possible purgatory?

Whatever the case, he doesn’t have much stage time. A weary wait finally leads to all being revealed.

All the actors (including Hannah) are absolved of any blame. And while the atmosphere and concept itself is a captivating one (no, really, it is), you have to wonder if Boytchev was on the sauce himself when he wrote it.

Until August 31