Review: The Toxic Avenger - The Musical

The Toxic Avenger
The Toxic Avenger
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BLATANT, bonkers and brimming with brio, Toxic Avenger is perfect late night Fringe fayre - start time is 10.30pm.

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Pleasance Courtyard

Opening in a haze of blues and greens, two hazard suited figures, masks in place, prowl a cavernous underworld of sewage pipes and sluice gates.

Welcome to New Jersey, the dumping ground of Manhattan, where nerdy Melvin Ferd III has discovered a dangerous secret, Mayor Babs Belgoody owns Good Earth, the company transporting the toxic waste to his state.

Armed with this knowledge and with the help of his blind librarian girlfriend Sarah, he sets out to right the wrong.

However, when the Mayor’s henchmen drop him in a vat of toxic waste, a new superhero is born, The Toxic Avenger, or Toxie for short.

Based on the 1984 cult Troma comedy horror film, Lloyd Kaufman’s musical is a laugh out loud blast that captures the gross out humour and of the original.

Peopled by lovable grotesques, Mark Anderson revels in to the dual role of Melvin/Toxie, all geeky nerves one minute, a lumbering mess the next, but always with an incredible voice.

As Sarah, Emma Salvo is a lovable, blunt, and feisty creation, who still manages to tug at the heartstrings. She too, has one of the best voices on the Fringe, as does Natalie Hope, who puts in a shift and a half as the singing nun, sexy evil Mayor, and Melvin’s aging mother. Hope is the star turn of the piece.

All are ably supported by Oscar Conlon-Morrey and Ché Francis as White Dude and Black Dude, playing myriad roles.

With a unique script for Edinburgh, this gloriously OTT production is laugh out loud funny, absurd, surreal but ultimately, a touching, ecological love story.

Runs until 28 August