Review: The Umbilical Brothers

THE umbilical brothers: kids show (not for kids). Pic: Comp
THE umbilical brothers: kids show (not for kids). Pic: Comp
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THERE are shows in the Fringe which will entertain and delight you. Some may make you rethink your life choices.

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Some might even make you dance like no-one is watching and sing like a stuck pig, but very few will be quite as deranged and twisted as The Umbilical Brothers’ Kidshow.

Shane Dundas and David Collins have a lot of history together. Most pertinent to this is the American childrens’ show they made (for one season only) – The Upside Down Show. Clearly, in response to the cancelling of that, they developed this – a kids’ show solely for grown ups.

The conceit here is that the duo expected to perform The Inside Out Show to an audience of children, only to find adults sitting in the auditorium. Dundas and Collins are masters of both mime and vocal sound effects. Yes, this show contains mime, but it’s really not your Uncle Marcel’s mime, you understand. With segments entitled Word Of The Day and Story Time, they make use of these skills in ways that were never intended and are probably outlawed in some parts of the world. There are many sections to the show, but only two really pivotal scenes. They so solidly underpin the whole thing, though, that any more would just be a waste. If you have even a slightly warped sense of humour and ever get just a teeny bit irritated by smug and insipid childrens’ television, you owe it to yourself to see this show.

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