Rhubaba choir and Sion Parkinson come to Leith Theatre

Blind Love Bad Taste | Si�n Parkinson and Rhubaba Choir at Leith Theatre
Blind Love Bad Taste | Si�n Parkinson and Rhubaba Choir at Leith Theatre
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RHUBABA Choir, a community of singers based in the Capital join forces with artist and singer Siôn Parkinson in a collaboration that will throw open the doors of the long maligned Leith Theatre on Saturday evening.

Over the past six months, Parkinson has been working with Rhubaba Choir to develop Blind Love Bad Taste.

The piece draws from a peculiar yet foul image, a jumbled mass of sea creatures made up of an ancient, foulsmelling shark and the two worms permanently attached to her eyes.

As they float together through endless darkness, they discover companionship and begin singing to one another of a kind of love so deep that bodies as well as voices blend into one.

The performance combines sound recordings with live percussion and voice to conjure a darkly funny world where food and love are sometimes one and the same.

Blind Love Bad Taste. was first performed in August 2016 at SixtyEight Art Institute, Copenhagen.

Rhubaba Choir, based at Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, acts as a commissioning platform for new works providing invited artists, musicians and writers with the resource of collective voices as a material.

Leith Theatre has been closed since 1988 with the lease being taken over by The Leith Theatre Trust from Edinburgh City Council in January 2016. The Leith Theatre Trust’s long-term aim is to facilitate the refurbishment and reopening of the main auditorium.

Blind Love Bad Taste: A performance by Siôn Parkinson and Rhubaba Choir, Leith Theatre, Ferry Road, Saturday, 7pm, free but ticketed, booking via www.Eventbrite.co.uk