River City preview: This week in Shieldinch

Picture: BBC
Picture: BBC
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Bob is determined to get his life with Stella back on track; Lenny bites off more than he can chew; and Gina’s finding it difficult being the fall back.

Bob (Stephen Purdon) is determined to get his life with Stella (Keira Lucchesi, right) back on track and promises her a nice surprise later that evening. He has decided to pitch a business idea to Lenny (Frank Gallagher) that he thinks will bring a more stable life for him and Stella.

Meanwhile, Stella and Stevie (Paul James Corrigan) are finding it difficult to get back to normal after everything that happened between them - but when Gareth (Paul Brannigan) and his mates start on Stella in the Tall Ship, Stevie is quick to defend her honour. Outside Stella tries to comfort Stevie and Bob witnesses this intimacy and is surprised by Jimmy’s (Billy McElhaney) reaction when he catches the pair together.

Suddenly the pieces fall into place.

Kelly-Marie (Carmen Pieraccini) is put out when Lenny misses Callum’s (Robbie Neilson)speech therapy session with Angela (Sue Devaney) and takes it out on him when he finally turns up late. Kelly is embarrassed and offers to buy Angela a drink to make up for it. Angela is reassuring and points out she’ll be at the pub later on for a blind date. When the guy is a no-show Lenny takes pity on Angela and they agree to a fresh start, but continue to spar about what’s best for Callum – which both of them seem to enjoy.

Gina (Libby McArthur) is less-than-interested when Miriam (Kate Rutter) offers her a leaflet about dealing with her father’s dementia. She thinks she can cope and even agrees to look after Malcolm (Johnny Beattie) that evening.

When Eileen (Deirdre Davis) also asks her to babysit Stuart (Aiden Doyle McPherson), she reluctantly says yes. However, Gina is stretched and when Malcolm decides to go for a walk in the dark on his own, Gina questions whether she really is coping.

River City, BBC One

Scotland, tonight, 8pm