Rufus Hound’s movie debut

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RUFUS Hound, real name Robert Simpson, isn’t one for half-measures. Not satisfied with a sprinkling of facial hair, he grew a full handlebar moustache. Not content with a runaround car, he opted for the roar of a Triumph motorcycle. And not one for a traditional English wedding, he jetted off to Las Vegas to tie the knot in an Elvis-themed ceremony.

Hound’s nuptials couldn’t be more different from those depicted in his new film, The Wedding Video. The comedian plays loveable layabout Raif, who is asked to be best man at his brother Tim’s lavish wedding to Saskia, and decides his gift to the couple (played by Peep Show’s Robert Webb and Bad Teacher’s Lucy Punch) will be a video of their big day.

Raif’s camera captures every moment as planning of the event gets hijacked by Saskia’s socially aspirant mother and the budget spirals upwards - think fly-pasts, a magazine photoshoot, and even a unicorn.

“I think that if a wedding comes with a £250,000 price tag then you have to ask yourself, how much more special is the day than the love you two share?” says Hound.

“I think a lot of people buy into that celebrity culture and think, ‘Oh if I get married and don’t have a horse-drawn carriage I’m not really doing it properly’, whereas actually, the people I know who are happily married and love each other, often have tiny little weddings without much hoopla.”

The Wedding Video is released in cinemas tomorrow