Scott Ryan vickers stars in Advance To Contact

Scott Ryan Vickers. Picture: Comp
Scott Ryan Vickers. Picture: Comp
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SCOTT Ryan Vickers is best known to TV viewers as River City’s fiery-tempered cop DC Will Cooper. However, this afternoon, at Spotlight’s at Merchant’s Hall on Hanover Street, there’s a chance to see the actor in a very different role.

A one-off screening of Advance To Contact, a film telling a true story of a soldier’s battle with post traumatic stress disorder, finds Vickers not only starring on screen but taking the writing and directing credits too.

Shown in support of the charity Combat Stress, Advance To Contact tells the story of Ben Thompson, a soldier who returns home from a traumatic tour of Afghanistan, unemotional and detached.

As he begins to worry that a local group of radicals are targeting him and his family, he becomes increasingly paranoid and plagued by disturbing nightmares.

As a mysterious man continues to stalk him and his family Ben is on a precipice, faced with losing everything he holds dear. After long reflection he makes a decision that will impact on him and the people closest to him for the rest of their lives

“The simple aim of Advance To Contact is to tell the true story of a soldier’s harrowing experience’s in Afghanistan as honestly as possible,” says Vickers. “It was the wish of the soldier to remain anonymous and I am honoured that he chose me to reveal such personal and exposing facts about his life and trusted me to illustrate them with this film.”

Vickers also had his own reason for taking on the project, he too suffered from post traumatic stress disorder after losing his sister to a brain tumour.

“I suffered from PTSD and was undiagnosed for 13 years, so that did help with playing the character, although I have never been a soldier.”

Vickers himself won’t be at the screening as he’ll be filming River City, and reckons fans of the soap are in for a surprise.

“Ben is totally different from Will Coooper that’s for sure, so I think people will be surprised when they see it,” he adds with a laugh. “Actually, he very different. It was a great challenge and has had a great response from soldiers and their families so far.”

Advance To Contact, Spotlights, Merchants Hall, Hanover Street, today, 4.20pm, £8, 0131-226 0026