Sean Hughes: How I’ve changed since my Fringe debut

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FRINGE favourite Sean Hughes is a changed man. The 46-year-old first came to Edinburgh 25 years ago. Casting his mind back to that debut, he admits that the young Sean and the middle-aged model are very different beasts.

THE first night I appeared at the Fringe I got stung in the head by a bee. I still have an indentation to this day. This has been the only constant in my life since. The five big changes I’ve noticed however, are these:

As a 21 year-old-I would sidestep someone of my current vintage unless they happened to be a MILF. Today I would stop and chat and probably ask them from where I could get some fresh asparagus.

Back then, I would have gauged the steepness of hills with how many cigarettes I could smoke en route. Today I would do this with toilet breaks.

Back then, I would have been totally focused on getting famous. Now I’m a bit more, “Oh look! A heron... Sorry, what was I saying?”

Back then, I would have been trying to get the clothes off as many girls as possible. Now I cover them up. Do they not know the cancer risks?

Back then, I thought I knew a lot. I now know that I only know a little, and that’s mainly about bees.

Sean Hughes: Life Becomes Noises, Pleasance Courtyard, until August 27, 5.30pm, £7-£14, Sean Hughes Stands Up, Gilded Balloon, Teviot, until August 27, 8.15pm, £7-£14,