Siege Perilous return with One Elliot Park

One Elliot Park
One Elliot Park
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LOCAL theatre company Siege Perilous return to Malmaison next week with the second play in their current season of new writing.

One Elliot Park marks the professional debut of Scottish playwright, Lindsay Miller.

Described as a poignant, thought-provoking drama, One Elliot Park unfolds around its central character, Chloe, who lives in a block of flats surrounded by neighbours Debs, Douglas and Mark.

Chloe’s problem is that her neighbours have reported a burglary, the police are investigating, and she appears to be the main suspect... or would be but for the fact that nothing has been stolen.

Is Chloe trying to get information on her neighbours? Are her neighbours conspiring against her?

Do we really know who our neighbours are? Is there a truth in your reality? The Peebles-born playwright says, “I’m so excited to see One Elliot Park on its feet and find out what the audience’s reality of it is.”

One Elliot Park, Malmaison, Tower Place, June 14-19, 8pm (Saturday matinee 4pm), £6-£10,