Slip into a suit and grow up in an instant

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A GREAT suit has the power to change your whole demeanour.

George Clooney isn’t half as attractive once you take him out of his. And I defy anyone to slouch while wearing one.

I strongly doubt 1980s cut-throat corporate culture would have existed had the razor sharp lapel or puffed up shoulder pad not been invented. I blame power dressing for that decade’s excessive greed.

But the suit isn’t something I slip into often. So last week when Slaters called asking me to model some of their suits – and yes, I use the term “model” loosely – for a woman and business article, I thought it would be a great excuse to wear one.

We went for classic black with a crisp white shirt, accessorising with a chiffon scarf and oversized clutch to take the masculine edge off.

When I peeked at my reflection in the mirror I almost fell over, as there was a grown-up with my face staring back. I could feel the power radiate off the fabric. I felt compelled to make a conference call!

When it was all over and I put my normal clothes back on I could see why so many woman get addicted to their suits. It’s like slipping on an alter ego, in fact it’s playing dress-up adult style.