Soap guide: Eastenders | Coronation Street | Emmerdale

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ZAINAB is embarrassed when her water feature malfunctions in front of the neighbours in Eastenders, unaware she’s about to face an even bigger humiliation as she moans to Ayesha about how it’s all Masood’s fault.

Her house-guest finally has enough of hearing the postman bad-mouthed and admits she’s in love with him- and implies Masood feels the same way.


TYRONE hasn’t got as leg to stand on if he wants to keep hold of his daughter, and with even his closest friends believing Kirsty’s lies, he decides to do a runner with Ruby, with a little help from Kevin and Fiz. Meanwhile, Maria tires of house guests Kirk, Beth and Craig, especially when a night out on Canal Street backfires.


IN theory, Molly’s christening should be a day of celebration, but it looks more likely to be a day for rowing over the font.

Katie, who is struggling to deal with her own infertility, decides at the last minute she can’t face being a godmother, so a stressed Gennie tracks her down and tries to talk her round.

Meanwhile, Moira has second thoughts about getting involved with a man as troubled as Cain. It seems she’s picked the right moment to disassociate herself from the Dingles as Debbie considers making a lucrative, but dangerous, business deal.

Katie grows even further apart from Declan, but has no trouble opening up to Andy.


POOR Romeo; he always seems to be carrying the burden of somebody’s secret. This week, it’s Dex’s. His friend has put him in an awkward position by asking him to keep quiet about his seizure, especially when the news comes that he’s being kept in hospital overnight.Romeo doesn’t do the best of jobs in lying to his father-in-law, though.


AS the search continues for a liver for Esther, the teen must make the decision whether to reveal all about the bullies.

However, as she becomes even weaker, it seems she might not have to - Ruby’s guilt finally looks like getting the better of her, and it’s not long before the Osbornes are facing yet more devastation.

Meanwhile, Diane becomes increasingly worried about Sinead’s suspicious behaviour, especially when she takes a look at her daughter’s lap top and her bullying ordeal is revealed.

Will comes home from hospital with Dodger’s help, but the brothers’ relationship seems far from on the mend.

And it probably won’t be helped by Texas making Will an offer that seems too good to refuse.


IT’S a tense time for Toadie as Sonya gives birth to their baby. Karl cannot confirm whether the child is healthy. To make matters worse Sonya takes a turn for the worse. Away from the hospital there’s a personal drama for Karl as Susan senses tension between her ex and sister. Eventually Carmel claims that the doc made a move on her.