Soap Watch: Christmas gloom in Shieldinch

Edward takes matters into his own hands in River City. Pic: BBC Scotland/Alan Peebles
Edward takes matters into his own hands in River City. Pic: BBC Scotland/Alan Peebles
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THIS week in Shieldinch… Edward takes matters into his own hands as his condition worsens; Stevie and Stella are divided after her recent miscarriage; and a cash-strapped Scarlett has Christmas worries on her mind.

AS the symptoms of Edward’s (Andrew Neil, pictured) motor neurone disease take hold, both father and son struggle to deal with the illness. Will (Scott Ryan Vickers) tries his best to nurse his father but it only serves to make Edward feel inadequate and increasingly frustrated with his fragile body.

Edward’s mood changes when his lawyer, and friend, Iain Dawes (Finlay Welsh) arrives to finalise his will. The encounter doesn’t rest easy with Will as the inevitability of his father’s illness hits home. Edward, however, is at ease knowing he’s put his house in order.

However, unbeknown to Will, his father and Iain discuss assisting Edward to end his life with a fatal dose of insulin before the disease takes hold. Their private plans have serious repercussions for all concerned, not least Robbie (Gary Lamont) who discovers Edward in a coma later that day.

Elsewhere, Stevie (Paul James Corrigan) and Stella’s miscarriage lays heavy on their hearts. While Stella (Keira Lucchesi) assumes their loss is punishment for having an affair, Stevie is torn between anger and sadness. It takes words of support from Raymond (Paul Samson) to bring the pair together, uniting in their grief.

Scarlett’s money worries deepen. Worse still, she fails to persuade Big Bob (Tom Urie) to tell the benefits office she was made redundant, not sacked, so she can claim benefits. It takes a generous donation from Jimmy (Billy McIlhaney) to give Scarlett (Sally Howitt) reason to be cheerful this Christmas.