Sons & Daughters are the fairest of them all

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THEIR moniker may be more synonymous with an Aussie soap opera, but Sons & Daughters are in fact one of the finest bands that Scotland has ever produced.

The four-piece have only troubled the Top 40 the one time – with the insanely catchy Dance Me In – and yet they’ve barely put a foot wrong since releasing their first album back in 2003.

Earlier this year, the band released fourth album Mirror Mirror, and it’s from this album that they will draw the majority of their set when opening the Concert In The Gardens for Primal Scream.

Having described their previous album as “a failed experiment”, the Glasgow outfit seem far happier with their newbie.

“We were, not struggling exactly, but after the last one [2008’s Bernard Butler-helmed This Gift] we wanted to make sure we were happy with what we were doing and that it represented our true influences and where our heads are,” says lead singer Adele Bethel.

“We recorded it exactly the way we wanted to. We used instruments we’ve not used before, like vintage synths and other nice toys.

“It’s a dark record but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t have fun while we made it,” she adds. “It should be fun to make music. If it’s not, the record is not going to be good.”

Concert In The Gardens, West Princes Street Gardens, Hogmanay, stage live from 9pm, £35-£43 (returns only), 0844-894 2011