Spotlight on... Festival fringe - the 2012 endas

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THE Evening News Drama Awards 2012 were launched last week and today we can reveal the 12 productions that will be battling for the two awards up for grabs this year, and you have your part to play too.

The 2012 Evening News Drama Award for best play will be decided by readers of the Evening News and our panel of industry experts - both accounting for 50% of the decision.

Through out August, tokens for each production will be printed in the Evening News’ daily Festivals Guide to allow readers to vote for their favourite production. Naturally it will help to have seen the productions taking part, so below we have printed details of each.

The second award, decided by the judges alone, is the Evening News Drama Award for Essence of the Fringe. The productions taking part this year are, in alphabetical order:

Blithe Spirit - The Makars (Aug 6-11)

In Noel Coward’s witty comedy, author Charles Condomine and wife Ruth host a seance, accidentally invoking the spirit of Charles’ first wife, Elvira, who is intent on Charles joining her in the spirit world. Murrayfield Parish Church Centre, Ormidale Terrace.

Doctor Faustus - EGTG (Aug 6-11)

Sex, money, power, knowledge, love: we all want what we don’t have. What wouldn’t you trade for all that and more? Royal Scots Club, Abercromby Place.

Macbeth In Scots - ETA (Aug 6-18)

Direct from the home of the Bard ETA perform their acclaimed production of Macbeth, in his ain tongue. St Ninian’s Hall, Comely Bank Road.

Ne’er The Twain - EPT (Aug 4-18)

A hilarious Scots comedy, set in 1919 when Leith joined Edinburgh. Do you join St Cuthbert’s or Leith Provie when the boundary runs through your house? St Peter’s Church Hall, Lutton Place.

Nobody Will Ever Forgive Us - EGTG (Aug 6-11)

A family thrown together with a secret they’d rather forget. Dad drinks, mum and daughter pop pills. Son finds god, youngest son finds snooker. Then the secrets are dug up. Royal Scots Club, Abercromby Place.

Once On This Island - FCT (Aug 3-11)

Musical set in the French Antilles in the Caribbean Sea, which includes elements of Romeo & Juliet story intertwined with the Little Mermaid.

Inverleith Church Hall, Ferry Road.

Operation Stork - Leitheatre (Aug 4-18)

Leitheatre celebrate their 30th Fringe with a tale set in an army headquarters. Private Campbell is naïve and always getting into scrapes. His Commanding Officer’s wife is pregnant... with six babies. When she gives birth chaos ensues.

St. Serf `s Hall, Clark Road.

Proof - Arkle Theatre Company (Aug 13-18)

This Pulitzer Prize winning drama follows the daughter of a recently deceased mathematician. When ‘a proof’ that mathematicians thought impossible is discovered in his desk, Catherine claims she wrote it... but did she. Royal Scots Club, Abercromby Place.

Sparkleshark - EPT (Aug 21-25)

Jake is a 14 year old geek. When he’s not behind the dustbins taking refuge from bullies, he escapes into his own world by writing. As his classmates gradually become embroiled in the story, the fairy tale Jake weaves begins to reflect the lives of the whole group. St Peter’s Church Hall, Lutton Place.

Rise & Fall of Little Voice - Arkle (Aug 13-18)

Little Voice lives in her bedroom listening to old LPs and doing impersonations of Shirley Bassey and Judy Garland. But after she is persuaded to sing in public, things start to go badly wrong. Royal Scots Club, Abercromby Place.

Trouble In The Toolbooth - Saughtonhall

Drama Group (Aug 6-11)

Set in the 1700’s, the convicts’ bungling escape attempts are only matched by the jailors apparent incompetence. Saughtonhall celebrate their tenth anniversary on the Fringe. Saughtonhall United Reformed Church, Saughtonhall Drive.