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Martin Oldfield plays Pierrepoint, the Hangman
Martin Oldfield plays Pierrepoint, the Hangman
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IT’S AN impossible task, covering the Edinburgh Fringe. With in excess of 2000 shows where do you start?


HOW DO you separate the dross from the challenging and the challenging from the unexpected gem that will make you smile, cry or leave in thoughtful mood?

Truth is, no matter how well you prepare, you pay your money and take a chance.

As you might imagine, thousands of press releases have been swamping our in-boxes here at The Guide, all vying for a mention to promote their show. Some have no chance. Others... well, over the next few weeks I shall be highlighting those that have caught my eye, starting with Café Society’s Pierrepoint - The Hangman’s Tale, at Sweet Venues.

With the tagline ‘Hanging returns to Edinburgh’s Grassmarket for the first time in more than 200 years,’ the piece is the story of Albert Pierrepoint, the most celebrated hangman the British judicial system ever produced. Martin Oldfield (pictured) brings the hangman to life in what has been hailed ‘a chillingly likeable performance.’

Over a period of 25 years Pierrepoint maintained the macabre family tradition of providing executioners to the State. A publican from Oldham, he enjoyed the attention his other occupation brought from his clientele and in the piece Oldfield balances the persona of chatty landlord with that of the cold-hearted hangman.

Pierrepoint - The Hangman’s Tale explores the man who was a subject of morbid curiosity to his contemporaries, and who remains a curiosity today.

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Sweet Grassmarket, Apex International Hotel, venue 18, August 5-24 (not 18), 6.10pm, £8.50,


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