Symons loves her home away from home

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SOAP star Emily Symons is all of a twitter. She’s excited about meeting up with all her old pals from Emmerdale.

The 43-year-old Australian actress moved to the UK for seven years in 2001, to play barmaid Louise Appleton in the ITV soap.

However, she left to move back Down Under and in 2010, reprised her role as ditzy blonde waitress Marilyn Chambers in the Aussie soap Home and Away.

And Marilyn’s the reason she’s back in the UK now - she’s visiting to discuss the latest drama in the character’s life.

Her latest love interest is the Braxton brothers’ charming criminal father Danny, a dalliance which is dangerous territory for sweet-natured Marilyn.

“Marilyn sees the good in everyone and I think that’s an honourable trait,” says Symons.

“She’s so kind, I don’t think she can bare to see other people being treated badly. And I think a lot of criminals like that are very charismatic, and sociopaths can fool even the smartest, most intelligent women into doing whatever they want.”

The recent scenes have been a bit of a key change for Symons, who spends most of her time in the soap acting out comic scenes in The Diner with fellow long-time cast member Ray Meagher, who plays grumpy Alf Stewart.

“It’s been scary for me because Steve Peacocke, who plays oldest Braxton brother Brax, has slammed a few doors in my face and had to be quite menacing towards me.

“It’s really, really intimidating and out of my Marilyn comfort zone, when I’m used to walking around with my head in the clouds,” she says.

The actress confesses that she doesn’t want the drama in Marilyn’s life to last, admitting she loves laughing all day on set with Meagher.

“I just want to do comedy, that’s really what they asked me to come back to do.

“I think we all compliment each other, having the Braxton thing and then having a silly thing on the top, it balances it out.”

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