The name’s Bond . . . book Bond

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GIVING the blood-splattered impression of staring down a gun-barrel, while sexy silhouettes of sultry women gyrate in the distance, James Bond title sequences are arguably one of the most recognisable trademarks in cinematic history.

Over the decades, five of them now, Bond visuals have captured cinema’s most compelling super-spy in a way that has stood the test of time.

Bond posters too, were, and still are, some of the most recognisable.

Whether it’s a gun-totting Sean Connery surrounded by a bevvy of beauties (Dr No); a montage of action scenes involving Roger Moore (For Your Eyes Only); or Bond girl Denise Richards looking tragic and beautiful in a Japanese advert (The World Is Not Enough) - the makers of new book, James Bond: 50 Years of Movie Posters, say it provides a “kaleidoscope of Bond imagery that captures, distils and defines” what James Bond is all about.

Such posters are rare, valuable and much sought-after, as are the examples of unpublished, unused concept artwork (posters, teasers, lobby cards, etc.) that also featured in the book. Yet despite all the girls, guns and super-villains, there’s clear enthusiasm and good taste involved.

Speaking of good taste, Roger Moore - possibly the most suave Bond there has ever been - is very much involved in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the movies.

“I’m starting a tour very shortly promoting my new book, which celebrates 50 years of Bond,” says Moore, now 84-years-old.

“There is no film franchise that can boast 22 films over 50 years. It’s completely unique.”

Meanwhile, packaged in a slipcase with two art prints, James Bond: 50 Years Of Movie Posters, is sure to leave Bond fans shaken and just a little bit stirred.

James Bond: 50 Years Of Movie Posters, published by DK Books, is now available, £35