Theatre review: A Family Beyond The Army

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THIS script from Lindsey Davies, based on a story by James D Lindsay, tells the story of Louise, a girl who’s been let down in love, so is sceptical when she falls for Scott on the eve of his departure for the army.

Sweet, Grassmarket

What happens next and how she copes is the subject of this new play, at Sweet, Grassmarket.

Performed in a compact space, with minimal but effective set and considered sound and light, this is a poignant and pointed script, nicely directed by Amy Skilling and beautifully acted. Mai Cunningham and Paul Innes are touchingly sweet in the early days of their courtship but you feel their frustration vast as an ocean at the long enforced absences. Kathryn Debbage is great fun as Louise’s sympathetic best friend.

A cracking piece of theatre with all proceeds donated to three military charities.

Until 25 August