Theatre review: Back From The Future

Back From The Future. Picture: Comp
Back From The Future. Picture: Comp
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THERE is something about time travel that fascinates, and the title of this show intrigues. Sadly, it turns out that the title is the best thing about this 45 minutes.


Pleasance Courtyard

The premise of the story is that Dominic Mitchell has come back from the year 2042 to help his father, Toby, prevent something horrible from happening. Toby is late, so Dominic decides to keep the audience entertained while waiting.

Firstly, Dominic fields the audience’s questions about the future. Then he decides to pick up the script to his father’s show and proceeds to read the show to everyone. There are no props, no music, no puppets, nothing, just Mitchell reading a script for 35 minutes.

As would be expected at a children’s show, four to 12-year-olds were in the audience, but many didn’t understand anything being said about paradoxes and parallel universes.

They were fidgeting, playing with cushions and stools and lying down. Parents were looking at their watches from 15 minutes in.

Early in the show, Mitchell asked the audience, “Have you ever done something and wanted to go back in time to fix it?” I wish I could go back in time and not go to this show.

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