Theatre Review: Bedtime Solos

Bedtime Solos. Pic: Comp
Bedtime Solos. Pic: Comp
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WITH the glamorised image of sex now plastered all over the media, have we considered what actually happens under the covers?

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Assembly Roxy

Mixing together voyeurism and exposition, Jakob Holder presents a disturbing insight of lust, frustration and isolation, during one couple’s evening of love-making.

Breaking between the objective and subjective reality, the idea where two hearts can become one could not be further from the truth. Neither character shies away from discussing every detail of their frustrations and exploits, and though this creates an unsettling atmosphere, it’s impossible not to engage with their emotional disputes.

Actors, Amy Kelly and Jordan Fox, successfully manage to portray a convincing couple, each bringing their own personal spark to the characters. Kelly, especially, excels as a woman desperately craving some sort of connection with her partner.

Even so, the playful way in which these characters discuss their desires at the Assembly Roxy is often too close for comfort.

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