Theatre review: Blam!

Blam! Physical theatre: Pic: Comp
Blam! Physical theatre: Pic: Comp
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SITTING in the Pleasance Grand, with several hundred others, struck dumb with awe, I suddenly remembered that I should be making notes. As I didn’t want to miss anything, I simply scribbled on my page: Blam = Brilliant!

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Pleasance Grand

Set in a mundane, open-plan office, we are witness to the world of four male office workers, each in their individual cubicle, fitted out with typical office equipment.

This scene, however, soon gives way to a fantasy world of action heroes and villains conjured from their imaginations, with every chair, filing cabinet and stapler no longer used as intended, but instead becoming scaffolding, weaponry and armour.

A water-cooler, expertly puppeteered by the men, becomes the feminine object of desire. A fluorescent light becomes a trapeze.

Every look, twist and turn is perfectly timed to a soundtrack that varies from office hubbub to action movie sound effects to a climactic ACDC Highway to Hell. Every stunt is greeted with uproarious applause from the audience, and when you think it can’t get any bigger, the stage rises 90 degrees, opens, and out of the haze emerges File Man, like something out of Terminator.

This is 75 minutes of gob-smacking high-voltage physical theatre mastery.

Until 25 August