Theatre Review: Chariots

Chariots. Pic: Comp
Chariots. Pic: Comp
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THE story of Eric Liddell has fascinated since Hugh Hudson’s 1981 film, Chariots Of Fire.

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Edinburgh Elim, Morningside

All synthesisers aside, though, this is a chance for the Searchlight Theatre Company at Edinburgh Elim, Morningside, to revive an inspiring story of one man and his religious beliefs. The choice to focus the script towards McKercher definitely gives this production a more interesting insight into one of the closest men in Liddell’s life, having to cope with his decision.

Despite some questionable performances, David Robinson’s is a joy to watch as McKercher, keeping this production on its feet throughout.

The script, by Richard Hasnip, David Robertson and Michael Taylor, shows a lot of enthusiasm and emotion. However, some of its long-winded speeches can come off as too laboured to listen to and runs the risk of over-emphasising the point that this play is trying to make.

Even so, a compelling story that’ll keep audiences watching to the finishing line.

Until 24 August