Theatre Review: Circus of Terror

Circus of Terror. Pic: Comp
Circus of Terror. Pic: Comp
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ENTER, if you dare, the dark and dangerous world of Greenside Parish Church as The Young Actors Company take you on a journey into the horrific depravity that comes when joining the circus.

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Greenside Parish Church

With blindfolds and flamboyant characters there to greet before entering the theatre, however, everything comes across as a tongue in cheek homage to the likes of Rocky Horror.

As an escaped tarantula and other evil spirits roam the stage, screams come aplenty as the cast and crew prey on the audience. As fun and silly as this is, you quickly lose sight on the story and find yourself just waiting for your turn to be prodded and poked.

With screams and sound effects reverberating around the room, it becomes far too confusing to take in any interest. It’s at this point you start wondering whether or not the person stroking your hair is actually part of the show.

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