Theatre Review: Coin Operated Girl

Miranda Kane. Pic: Comp
Miranda Kane. Pic: Comp
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WEIGHING in at 300lbs and at £2000 a night, Miranda Kane shares the truth behind some of the most bizarre moments in her escorting career.

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The Dram House

However, this is also an educational experience, as she provides hints and tips of top essentials you should carry at all times in her line of trade as well as how to cope with the vulgarity that comes from most of her clientele.

Any moral high ground in this show is thrown out the window as she celebrates the hilarity of online review forums and the vocabulary some sex workers use to entice potential clients.

Kane’s performance certainly shows that she was proud to be part of this profession, which she believes should be liberating for women. However, this subject matter is not for the faint hearted.

Until 24 August