Theatre Review: Funeral Replacement Service

The Ghost Bus Tours Pic: Comp
The Ghost Bus Tours Pic: Comp
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THIS is a brilliant concept set onboard the Necrobus, a 1960s jet black Routemaster that collects its guests from Waverley Bridge. Hop on and you’re transported into an Orient Express world of velvet curtains and fringed lampshades. And a coffin.

* * *

Necrobus (Departing from Waverley Bridge)

We take our seats and the funeral director greets us. Roger Cocksweets is dead. He died while driving this very bus and we, as his friends and relations, have been invited to his funeral and the public reading of his will.

The audience are invited to get fully involved with the story – singing hymns at the funeral and receiving (unusual) gifts from Roger’s will as the creepy bus trundles through the dark streets – before discovering the final delicious plot twist.

Sadly, performances need a bit more polish. Either way, much of the audience seemed to enjoy this late night adventure. It’s a fun way to round off an evening out.