Theatre Review: Hamlet

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SHAKESPEARE purists may be uneasy at the number of tellies on the Royal Lyceum stage - mostly showing the 1964 Electronovision version of Hamlet, starring Richard Burton.

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Royal Lyceum

The film, and Burton, in some ways take on the role of the traditional Shakespearian ghost in compelling the actions of the protagonists who recreate it painstakingly.

It isn’t a straight recreation, the Wooster Group having taken it upon themselves to edit the film to put the pauses in dialogue back in the ‘right’ place. The resulting visual jumps are also worked into the onstage performance.

The format is initially a little distracting but For all the technical wizardry, the play is still the thing and, thanks to the cast, it really does work. In particular, Scott Sheppard impresses while wisely demurring from going for a full Burton in the lead.

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