Theatre Review: Help My Supply Teacher Is Magic

Help, My Supply Teacher is Magic. Pic: Comp
Help, My Supply Teacher is Magic. Pic: Comp
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AT Underbelly. Bristo Square, I’d never heard of the TV show these performers come from, many of the audience obviously had.

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Underbelly. Bristo Square

The sections of the show included: Interactive Illusions, Up Close and Magical, and Tricks of the Trade. Unfortunately, without the magic of television to help, the illusions weren’t brilliant.

The tricks were old hat. My ten and 12-year-olds knew them all and they weren’t done particularly well.

Tricks of the Trade was another let-down, with most of the children in the audience showing their parents how the magic pencil trick was done before it was actually revealed to us. Everything was linked together by some rather tired jokes.

If your children want to see the stars of the show, then go. If you want to watch fabulous magic, there are plenty of other shows at the Fringe that will wow you.

Run ends Sunday