Theatre review: Holes

Holes. Pic: Comp
Holes. Pic: Comp
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DURING the Fringe, when time is at a premium, nothing riles more than being kept waiting.

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Portobello Town Hall

It was the name Tom Basden (co-writer of Plebs) that saw me agree to the coach journey to see Holes, at Portobello Town Hall.

A coach trip that dropped us at ‘Edinburgh’s seaside’ for a pointless walk along the Prom before a long wait in the Town Hall’s foyer - more than an hour after boarding the bus, Holes started.

Played in the round on a raised dais, sight-lines are difficult for those in the stalls. Sit upstairs.

The story, of four survivors of a plane crash stranded on an island, is well performed. Unfortunately the script is not as funny as it thinks it is, the characters are joyless creations, and the ending only too predictable.

If you do decide to go, avoid the coach, you’d be quicker getting a No 26 and arriving in your own time. Until 25 August